Saturday, 23 November 2013

No Document as Valid Proof of Citizenship In India..........Home Ministery

In response to one RTI Home Ministery has said that -- In India we donot issuse any Document as Proof of Citizenship . 
Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma , RTI Activist of Rewari ( Haryana ) has asked from Prime Minister's Office Application dated 11 September 2013 regarding 

--Name of Document issued by State / Centre Govt. as Proof of Citizenship in India.

-- Aadhar card is not valid as Proof of Citizenship ,They have taken Finger Prints ( Finger Prints of Each person are unique / Different ), Bank Details, Retina Photo , still it is not valid as Proof of Citizenship . ----- Reasons / Criteria responsible for this decision. In Aadhar card scheme Rupees Forty Five Thousand Crores has been spent.

--Name of any Scheme under process to issue the Documen of Proof of Citizenship , Details if any .
The Application was transferred to Home Ministery , & Planning Commission. the Planning commission Further transferred the application to Uniqie Identification Authority of India.
The Home Ministery said wide letter no. 26027/16/2013-IC.I Dated 15/10/2013 that No Document is issued as Proof of Citizenship to person Born in India .

One the one side we claim to become the Super Power, on the other Hand we donot have any Proof of Citizenship, while a small Nation like Nepal have it.
This is a Serious issue the Centre Government is ignoring because of benefits of Illegal Migrants of Bangladesh in India. They can get Voter I Card, Ration Card , but canot get Citizenship Card .

Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma .
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