Monday, 28 October 2013

Satyapalsingh Chauhan

Dear Countrymen, UPA Coalition and so called fraud secularwadi leaders proved that they are No. 1 enemy of Indians. Today in Bihar during rally of Mr. Narender Modi 5 innocent persons lost their lives and 71 persons were injured in land mines planted
by IM the relatives of secularwadi leaders. The security agencies are yet to disclose the anti India elements, but so called enemy of country Mr. Satyavrat Chatuvedi, a senior leader of Congress and some pro Pakistani sponcered secularwadi leaders for muslim votes blamed RSS for these blasts, whether r they eligible to live in India NO NO since time again they are becoming shield of enemies ( SIMI, IM, LAT, DAUD ETC. ETC. ) of country i. e. Mr. Digvijay, Mr. Mualyam, Mr. Azam Khan, Mr. Farooque, Mr. Azmi, Mr. Nitesh Mr. Uvasi etc. etc. If Cobras are ready to Shave Pakistan and his agents, there is no need of enemies. V r sad how these anti national elements are allowed to rule country and state, India is not safe in the hands of Pakistani supporters. By evening it has been established that Bombs were planted by Indian Muzahideen, now hat about these fraud pakistani supported leader ?? Thanks to countrymen who blocked Mr. Sonia and her party to pass anti national amendment in constitution otherwise SIMI, IM, YASIN BHATKAL, DAUD and Hazfiz Said would have been forced seated in our parliament. Today's statement of Congress and fraud secularwadi leaders proved they become mad and they are supporter Pakistani Elements and real danger for Bharat and Indians. JAI HIND

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