Friday, 30 August 2013

Solution to Get Rid of Maintanence Cases.....................

Solution to Get Rid of Maintanence Cases.....................

We all Fear that if we donot Pay Maintanence, Judge will send you to jail, even if you are Dyeing, Jobless, Burdened with Borrowed money. Courts as a General Rule will Always order for Maintanence to Women, Especially after NCW Recommended that Even if Women is Cheater, Disloyal then also minimum Rupees 1500 @ month for Lady. Judges are passing the orders even after knowing the Facts.

If you start paying Money, your Money will be used against you, cases will go long. But If you donot Pay................You will have Following Benefits..............
1) As the time will go on, your in-laws will bent as the Real Motive to Get Money remained Unsolved.
2) They will have pressure of Expenses of Lawyers.
3) If they are from Middle Class, She will Join Job, within one Year Time. This happens in Most Cases.
4) In Court she had Claimed, she is uneducated, Helpless, canot do anything to Survive. Now you can prove easily in Court that she is hiding the Facts from Court, Misleading Court & Wasting precious Time of Court.
5) If you donot have Money, Judge canot Jail You, provided you write to Court that i donot have Money, with Reasons. Like Joblessness, Responsiblity for Parents, Unmarried Sister, Kids Etc.
6) Even if you canot pay donot Say No. You ask from Court the permission to Sell your Blood, One Kidney & One Eye.. Ask the Judge Sir I am ready to Pay please give me permission. Judge/ Court canot Compell you to Sell Kidney, Blood & other Body Organs.
7) If You simply remain on this point, Judge will Just ask on provokation from advocate, but will not send you to Jail, If you follow Genuine Steps.
You just have to submit 4 Handwritten applications, + 3 Affidevit. & then Enjoy.
9) Work anything but no proof on your name.
10) Always go in Court in Old Torn, cloths without Iron, Old Sleepers, without shave of one Week.
In last 4 Years i paid no Maintanence.............Judges 3 gone, 4th attending.............Couldnot send me jail. They have 4 Advocates, I have no Advocate & Without LLB. You can also do it. Just Believe the Truth and have Patience. Your case will be solved very Easily................... Regard's
Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma
Social Activist, RTI Activist & Scientist

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