Sunday, 11 August 2013

Please Give Your Valuable Ideas/ Suggestions.............. URGENT...!!!

Please Give Your Valuable Ideas/ Suggestions.............. URGENT...!!!
Kind Attention........!!!!! Respected Enlightened Citizens, Activists & Victims of False Cases of Dowery , Domestic Violence , Rape Cases, Sexual Harashment at Work Places Cases........

UPA Government is planning to bring the New Law Hindu Marriage Property Bill called as Ir-revertible Breakdown of Marriage ( IrBM ). According to this Law just after 15 minutes of Marriage she can Apply for the Divorce , you Donot have any Right to oppose and she will take Away your 50% Property like Ancestoral / Parental Home, Land, Agriculture Land, Bank Deposits, Shares, Jewellery. This will Create a way to Greedy women they will marry to Snatch your Property . This Law is Applicable on Hindus only. Their Liablity to Repay Borrowed Money like Loans is Zero. Already People are compelled to Suicide due to Misuse of these Laws & Govt is doing nothing to punish such Women. Tomorrow/ Day after Tomorrow this bill will be presented in Parliament & we want that we should come on Roads outside Parliament to oppose this Bill. On 1st May we were arrested from Prime Minister's Residense, , on 9 th August 2013 also we protested against this bill at 10 janpath Sonia Gandhi's House. Please come out on Roads without ant Fear. in Last 2.5 Years i have been Arrested 26 times for Public Cause. No Problem with Jobs/ Carrier Because -- Right to Express / Freedom is your Fundamental Right . This is not Crime, therefore no effect on Jobs. This Activity has to be done on Tuesday 13 August 2013.

Please give your Valuable inputs and Confirmations in Advance. No False Promises Please.................. Regard's
Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma-- The Public Solution Factory
Social Activist ,RTI Activist & Scientist
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  1. thanks for raising the awareness.... you are doing a great service to men and their families

    what are the solutions ?

    one solution is the petition the government / do dhanas etc etc ....but the government does NOT seem to care

    in fact the dalals seem to have a better hold on the law making process than common men / honest families like us

    the OTHER solution is men like us comming deciding to DELAY marriage which we all know, which is briefly described here


    @ATMwithDick on twitter or on wordpress or (recent blog so recent cases )
    FOR 100s of high court and supreme court cases


    Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn't given up, Male, activist