Friday, 26 July 2013

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Latest updatesThis message is from a group of Doctors in India:
(forwarded in public interest) (share it )
1) Do not drink APPY FIZZ. It contains Cancer causing agent..
2) Don't eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi because the Person will die immediately as the mixture becomes CYANIDE..
3) Don't eat Kurkure because it contains high amount of Plastic.
If you don't believe burn Kurkure and you can see Plastic melting.!
(News report from"Times of India")
4) Avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous:
* D-cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actified
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D
They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA. Which causes Strokes&Are banned in USA...!
Please, before deleting, HELP your frnds by passing it..!
Let it reach d 121 crores Indians.

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