Friday, 13 September 2013

Activities Against IrBM

Yesterday on 12 /09/2013 we ( Myself , Anupam Goswami & Rakesh Pandit ) were at Jantar Mantar atending Rally of Asha Ram Supporters in Gathering of Around 8000+ people we were able to attract around 1500 + Peole in our Favour including Many Reputed Relegious Sants of Hindu Mahasabha & People of Khap Panchayat, telling the Truth of Irbm. Apart from this we also got many Dedicated Volunteers...............Now we require your Support for Spreading the Awareness About IrBm to Bring out Crowd on Roads, We need some Materials to get the Material Prepared we need Finencial Help. Those who Feel to Support the Cause , Requsted to Please come Forward.. Regard's
परिवार बचाओ ---- देश बचाओ
M- 09253323118/ 09910597896/ 08447034601

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